On Saturday, May 1st, 2010  I celebrated my 33rd birthday with friends and family at Griffith Park for lunch and then the LA Zoo afterwards.  I had a blast and I hope everyone else did too.  It was a beautiful day.  Everyone else had the idea too so it was crowded and trafficky.  At least the spot in the park we got was nice and secluded.  Had a gladiator pit and everything for the kids to enjoy.  :D
I just want to thank everyone for their presence and their presents.  A big thank you goes to my hubby, Trevor, who mostly put everything together and who was patient with me every time I changed my mind about something.  Thanks to Steph and Cari for coming early to help us setup and for bringing their EZ Up tent.  Thanks to my mom for giving birth to me. Thanks to all the people that brought food.  It was so good to see all your lovely faces.
Most of all, I was floored by the generosity of my friends and family.  I can't figure out what I did to have so many amazing people in my life.  Thanks to their monetary gifts I will be able to purchase my very first Canon L lens!  I can't thank them enough for helping my dreams come true.  Photo shoots with the new lens for all that chipped in!  Huzzah!
I brought my Holga to the party so those photos will have be posted at a later date.  Hopefully, they come out okay.  You never know with that little, sweet, plastic toy camera.  Meanwhile, here are some of the gifts I received.
Kodak Duaflex IV from Cari and Steph

Also, the cute heart hoodie I am wearing is from my Mommy. :)
I advise you to not look up my nose.
You looked up my nose, didn't you?
Anyway, my sis texted me a pic of this camera when she was in an antique store up North.  I asked her to buy it for me.  After she left she told me she didn't get it cause it was broken.  I was disappointed.  Turns out she was lying the whole time!
All I need to do now is find some 620 spools.
Super cute "I <3 Nerds" Hello Kitty socks from Steph and Cari
I also heart geeks and dorks if anyone is keeping score.
Toy accordion from hubby
He actually bought me two.  Well, the other one is for my sis.  Once we learn how to play these bad boys we are starting a band called Polka Your Eyes Out.
It's pretty much going to be the best band ever.
Death Cab for Cutie t-shirt from a cutie named Aimee.
This song gets me every time.
A Gilly bottle-cap magnet from Cari and Steph Science Fair

David Tennant by Robynne No one can resist a a cupcake with ball bearings from the Doctor

Morgan and Me by Morgan

Maya and Me by Maya

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P.S. I stole and butchered my blog title from a quote spoken by my hero, Carl Sagan. Start here on Hulu.com.

Eventually, you will hear the original quote if you continue watching the series. Bye, again!