I was lucky enough to attend the Lost Finale Party thrown by my favorite Lost podcasters Jay and Jack at the the Orpheum in Downtown LA with 2,000 other Lost fans.  We laughed, we cried, we screamed and we loved.  It was an amazing night to go with an amazing show and I couldn't have asked for a better time. 
On to the photos!  All shot on my Canon 40D with a Canon EF 24mm-70mm L lens.
The Orpheum sign
Part of the queue
It went around the whole block.
ABC news 
It was trippy seeing ourselves during the commercial breaks on TV while we were actually sitting there.
A Jay and Jack tee
Spotted a Transformer while in line
Almost there


I heart Lost Check out their face tattoos too.

A GJB fan! Geronimo Jack's Beard is my second favorite Lost podcast hosted by none other than Jorge "Hurley" Garcia and his lovely girlfriend Sidekick 22.

Jay and Jack exclusive poster

Jo Garfein (Host of Get Lost with JOpinionated), Neil Hopkins (Liam Pace) , Eric Lange (Radzinsky) and Andrea Gabriel (Nadia)

Jo Garfein, Sterling Beaumon (Young Ben), Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) and Tommy "Tiny" Lister

Jo Garfein, L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) and James Horan (Kate's stepdad)

Presenting one of the 4-toed statues made for the event Sorry, I didn't catch this guy's name.

I forget his name, but the guy on the left is the winner of a Dharma van.  He won it by making a really great and funny fan video they premiered at the event. Also, Jay and Jack Glatfelter (hosts of the Jay and Jack podcast) and Michael Purcell (sponsor of the event)

Guess who has the keys?

This is the best shot I could get of the van.  It was sweet.

Michael Emerson doesn't understand why no one wants to sit in the front seat with him. :D

Looking up at the balcony Jay and Jack Glatfelter, Michael Emerson (Ben) and Michael Purcell

Michael Emerson regals the crowd with entertaining stories and answers lots of questions from attendees

A much deserved standing ovation for Michael Emerson!

Michael Emerson is presented with a fancy four-toed statue

Jay and Jack recap the very last, awesome, epic and wonderful episode of Lost at the end of the night Thanks Jay and Jack for hosting such a great podcast!

Also, got this from the vending machine. It didn't fall at first, but you know the rest.

Thank you, Lost.  I will always love you.
I will remember, I've let go, but I have yet to move on....