Finn, my nephew-in-law, turned a whopping 2 years old on June 5th.  I can't believe he is only 2 because I kind of can't remember life before him.  We celebrated this special day by going to the delightful Underwood Farms  in Moorpark where you can feed animals, ride a tractor and pick your own crops.  And then there was cake and presents at his Grandpa's afterward.
Underwood Farms
Finn had so much fun running through these tire tunnels and in turn I had a lot of fun taking photos of him running through them and I am having fun writing this run-on sentence and I hope in turn you are enjoying reading it.
Climbing the haystack
Meeting Duncan at the top
Griffin says, "Hey! Wait for me."
Feeding the animals
Is it just me or does this alpaca look like Michael Jackson?
Splish, splash time with Uncle Trevor
Tractor ride to the crops
We mostly picked strawberries.
The one I picked.
Was too busy taking photos.
Robynne found a strange strawberry
Not quite ripe
Not a strawberry
Duncan lost a baby tooth on the tractor ride
I asked him how much he thought he could get from the tooth fairy.  He said, "$50 bucks."
Oh my, times have changed.
Friends of Finn
Griffin is one of the cutest kids. Ever.
Friends of Finn
Michelle has adorable freckles.
There is this cute little cow ride that we didn't end up going on
Kinda glad we didn't.
Look at that dust.
And those faces!  :D
Cake and present time
We had pound cake to mix and match ice cream and other varies goodies with
The money bunny
Finn finds a hidden gift
One of Finn's coolest gift was made by his Grandpa.
He made him his very own version of Toontown called Finntown.
Even has a train track with it's very own working Jolly Trolley.
It's a lot more detailed than what I have pictured here.
And, then a monster came and the party ended.
Just kidding.
This is a friend of Finn named Alex.
Happy birthday Finn!
I love you.
Hope you had a good one and I look forward to being there to document many more of your important life events.
And thanks to those of you who checked out this picture-filled blog!
If, you'd like to see even more because I have an editing problem...