A couple of months ago, I got the opportunity to do a little something different.  Up until then I really only had experience in portraits. I jumped at the chance to work with the very talented Wired Studios to shoot for a company called Gunther's Athletic Service. Gunther's hired Wired Studios to design their website. They wanted people to be able to experience their facilities with their vast array of services without having to leave the comfort of their own home. I had the best time seeing the behind the scenes and it felt great to work with people who are really enthusiastic about their company and believe in their products.

Here are some of my favorites that are not featured on the website.  You hear that blog readers?  You get a special preview.  I can feel the excitement.

This is on the website but I liked it enough to put it up here too

So, go on then. Click on this link to see the finished product ... Gunther's Athletic!

Special thanks go to Mike and Gabo.