I have been wanting to see the singer Sarah Green perform live for quite awhile now.  I finally got the chance to see her with her new band called Spare Parts for Broken Hearts at the Cut and Paste Rock and Roll  event at DiPiazza's in Long Beach.  The timing was perfect as it was my husband's birthday that night as well.  How could we resist?

Sarah Green
Laurita Guaico
Tosha Jones
My camera and I had a great time shooting this amazingly talented and energetic band.  If you'd like to see more from that night, including a few shots from the other acts and Trev's birthday times, click on this Flickr slideshow.
We were so inspired we decided to start our own band.
Too bad none of us can play (well, except for Trev) or sing.
At least we can take photos and pretend.
If you are in a band and need some photos, please e-mail me at rachel@rachelmccauley.com so we can collaborate sometime.  Thanks for stopping by!
"Music is what feelings sound like."  -Author Unknown