This trip to Santa Cruz was never meant to be fun.  At least, that's what I felt at first.  We were going to a place where we normally go when it's funtime.  Christmas, New Years...but, this time we were going there because my husband's mother, my lovely mother-in-law had CANCER and was having surgery.  Gods, I hate that word.  CANCER.  Cancer was becoming synonymous with Santa Cruz and I hated this thing called CANCER more than ever.  My husband and I wanted to provide support and just be with her for a few days while she healed.
When we reached the hospital surrounded by mountains and trees in Silicon Valley I breathed a little bit.  The hospital was top of the line. It was pretty. It had robots. It had art.  It had free coffee.But, the moment I really knew everything was going to be okay was when I saw Janus right before the surgery.  She was in her hospital gown with an IV in her arm and a smile on her face.  She wasn't going to let her situation get her down.  She had more important things to worry about.  Turns out I needed her more than she needed me.
The day after her surgery she wanted to go on a walk.  We walked along West Cliff.  She took us to some tide pools.  She stood on the edge of a rock and laughed.
Bonfire to celebrate the Harvest Moon
All her friends were surprised to see her already out and about.
Took some time out to break bread with some other loved ones in the area
Since Janus was doing really well, we did fun things.
5 photos stitched
Janus Laughingbear Blume
This is her, 3 days after her hysterectomy (or womboval, as I prefer), looking and feeling fabulous on her way out to celebrate life with friends.
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."  
-Winston Churchill
All photos taken with an iPhone 3GS.  Used the Hipstamatic app except for one photo I used the Pano app.  Added text and made collages through