I had the pleasure of attending Neil Gaiman's 50th birthday party this November 10, 2010.  And, if that wasn't incredible enough the party took place in New Orleans.
I had no idea how much I could fall in love with a city.  The people, the food, the music, the soul.  Every corner you turn on the streets of the French Quarter there is life.
Thank you to Neil for being such a wonderful human being.  Thank you New Orleans for your hospitality.  We shall meet again soon.
I brought a DSLR to NOLA but opted for iPhonetography.  I wanted to take people along with me on the trip on Twitter through photos as it was happening.  I mostly used the Plastic Bullet app on my iPhone 3GS.
Day 1
Steph, Scari Cari, Neil and I
Happy 50th, Neil!
Photo taken by S. Krystal McCauley on her 4G
Ready to party
Ready to party
Photobombed on the party bus
Photobombed on the party bus by Mike Gaiman
Kyle is up to something
Kyle Cassidy (the iPhonetography master) is up to something
Neil gives a speech
Neil gives a speech
Larry, Cory and Krystal cuddle
Larry Marder, Cory Marder and S. Krystal McCauley
Krystal, Scari Cari and Neil cuddle
S. Krystal, Scari Cari and Neil cuddle
Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? perform
Winter is the tallest one here
Winter McCleod is the tallest one here
Winter's POV
Crowd shot taken by Winter
Sky and Scari Cari
Sky McCleod and Scari Cari
Steph finds here Icelandic kindred spirit
Steph finds her Icelandic kindred spirit in Hera
She's the first person to ever recognize her Vegvísir tattoo
Trevor and Scari Cari
Trevor McCauley and Scari Cari
Krystal, Scari Cari and Roger Avary
S. Krystal, Scari Cari and Roger Avary 
Day 2
Court of Two Sisters
Sister at the Court of Two Sisters
Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters with my sisters
Don't Blink, Paul Cornell!
Don't blink, Paul Cornell! 
Paul blogged my photo here  http://www.paulcornell.com/2010/11/bits-and-bobs.html
A guy with an impeccable taste for t-shirts
Musician at the Court of Two Sisters bids me LLAP
photo 3.JPG
One of the many amazing buskers in the French Quarter
Stony Lonesome String Band
Willie and Le Blanc
Then we took a carriage tour around the French Quarter with our guide Willie and his trusty steed Le Blanc
Andrew Jackson Square
Andrew Jackson Square
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop bar
LaLaurie House
The haunted LaLaurie house owned by Nic Cage
Beignet break at Cafe Du Monde
Tequila shot stop at Lafitte's
When night fell, we took a Haunted History Tour
Absinthe at Pirate's Alley Cafe
First experience with absinthe at the Pirate's Alley Cafe 
Love it
Day 3
Louisiana State Museum
Louisiana State Museum
Visited the heart-wrenching Katrina exhibit
Purchased art by Nathan Pitts
Wanted to purchase local art. This caught my eye. Turns out the artist is from Van Nuys. No matter. I love it.
Painting by Nathan Pitts The Bourbon Orleans Lobby The Bourbon Orleans Lobby We stayed on a haunted floor If you squint, that's Jason Webley performing at Tipitina's
Jason Webley performs at Tipitina's If you squint, that's Amanda Palmer performing at Tipitina's Dresden Dolls perform at Tipitina's -------------------------------------------------- Before we knew it the trip was over Sally Baby!  Best cab driver ever. This is Sally.  She is the best cab driver ever.   She welcomed us to New Orleans and then bid us farewell. The morning I left Last sunrise  If you'd like to see more... FOLLOW ME: Facebook / TwitterVisit my website www.rachelmccauley.com