My sister-in-law, S. Krystal, requested that I take photos of the 3rd birthday party of Hazel who is her son Finn's half-sister.  Got that?  It's even more complicated than that.  Well, it's not really complicated in that it is really more like amazing. We are lucky to have this extended family in our lives.
I was given the direction to shoot the kids being kids and that's what I did.  Kids can be so real and unabashed in front of the camera, it was easy.  I think some of us lose that charm as adults because we can get pre-occupied with how we look.  Shooting people being real and themselves is my favorite form of photography.  Sometimes, we just need to act like children.
Anyway, the birthday girl had a princess theme so there was lots of pink and sugar and spice and everything nice.
Hazel, the birthday princess
Silly Snow White
Cute E Pie
Mama D wore a matching princess gown
Cupcake cutie
It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to
Watching Mama Krystal being silly
Hazel gives brother Finn a squeeze
Sister Ivy is pooped out on partying
Princess Hazel peeks from her cardboard castle
Happy Birthday, Hazel!
If you were at the party and would like to see more or want to purchase prints, e-mail me at I will provide you with a link and a password to a private online gallery.