I'd like to share a few photos from the opening reception for the Lined in Lead: Works in Graphite gallery at Gallery Nucleus.  I ended up not taking as many photos as I intended because I was simply having too much fun. It's available to see until April 11 if you are curious. I especially wanted to go because my favorite artist, Michael Zulli, from the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman was in attendance. He  illustrated The Wake in pencil and it is gorgeous.  When I first read Sandman I tried drawing his illustration of Daniel and it was awful.  At the very least, it made me appreciate Michael's talents even more.

I knew I was in the right place that night because I was there with some of my favorite people in the world, there was free booze, at one point Kyle Cassidy threatened to beat me up because of my Hello Kitty purse, Michael Zulli complimented my octopus necklace and suggested I eat calamari for my sushi dinner, I got to flip the bird to Brian C. Janes on a couple of occasions and we were regaled with the unexpected perils of an illustrator at dinner that I shall not discuss here.  :D

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 Pam Noles (Comic-Con goddess), Michael Zulli & Cat Mihos (@Neverwear)
 Pam Noles, Michael Zulli and S. Krystal (sister-in-law extraordinaire)
 Cari (sister-in-law extraordinaire), Stephanie (sister extraordinaire) and artist Shelly Wan
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