Last year I got a great opportunity to start contributing to an online magazine owned by the Elfman family called Buzzine. I have specifically shot for the music sections of the magazine and assisted during video interviews. So far it has been a fabulous experience. The best is that I have been introduced to so much wonderful music out there that I probably would have never have known about if it weren't for Buzzine.

Here are some favorites.

Anika at Fingerprints, Long Beach

 Amanda Palmer with Jason Webley at The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles

 Datarock at Culture Collide, Echo Park

Featuring Jerry Casale from DEVO as they filmed their California video.

 CSS at Culture Collide, Echo Park

 Fun. for their Some Nights Album Release Party at Fingerprints, Long Beach

 Morrissey at the Shrine Auditorium

 And a sneer from Alice F*cking Cooper at the Golden Gods press conference at the Grammy Museum, Los Angeles

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