Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I had a fun-filled photographic weekend which is always my favorite. Saturday I shot a wedding alongside the lovely & talented Kristin Carlson and Sunday I got to shoot a headshot session for the lovely & talented Alison Janes .


Kristin and I take a quick shot after shooting the formals. It was really hot by then so excuse our sweatiness. :D

Photo by Kristin

A mariachi band greets the just-wed couple outside of the church! Fun times.


Here are some behind the scenes iPhone photos shot by the lovely and talented Brian C. Janes.

Alison and I make sure we are on the right track

Trevor, my husband, is the best voice activated reflector stand ever

Grungy alleys make for awesome headshot locations

At the end of the shoot we posed by the whale wall and then chowed down on some delicious indian food from Hurry Curry

Photo by the lovely and talented Trevor

Contact me if you'd like to book a wedding or a headshot session at rachel@rachelmccauley.com. Thanks!