Shannon and Jose are some of my oldest friends. In fact, they were the very first couple I ever had a portrait session with a long, long time ago. You can see a photo from it here. Well, they have since brought into this world two amazing girls called Morgan and Maya. The Abarca family are the kind of people that always welcome others into their home, cook some fierce tacos, draw you drawings of "ponycorns" and are always there when you need them.

We decided to head out to the Third Street Promenade and beach in Santa Monica as this was a place we hung out at a lot when we were teenagers. The place has changed in some places but not so much in others, kind of like us.

We started over at the outdoor mall area.


To know them, is to love them.

This makes me smile every time I look at it.

Then we headed over to Puzzle Zoo. An old favorite.

Maya and a "ponycorn".


Now on to the beach.

Jose and his cool Marc Davis inspired Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo in progress.

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