Last year, I saw a photographer in the pit at the Mayan at a Peter Murphy show and I thought to myself, "How the heck do I get to be that person!?" A spark was lit in me and I thought I want to do that. But, how? Seemed like a faraway dream. At the time I had never shot a concert before. I didn't have any connections. I had no clue.

Then came along a series of fortunate events. My friend Brian brought me aboard I heard Peter was coming to town. I did some asking and begging and lo and behold here I am shooting Peter just a year later. My little dream had come true.

You see, Peter is one of my favorite artists of all time. From Bauhaus to his solo career, I have seen this man perform live more times than any other singer. When he sings I can feel it in my bones. Love you, Peter.

If you'd like to see more go to this gallery. Prints are available.

My next music goal, The Cure.