Ten years ago we wed.

Ten days we drove in our little Honda Fit to celebrate.

Ten decades from now I hope I still get to hold your hand as I fall asleep.

Even if we make it that far, it will never be enough.

So I choose to live.

To live in the moment.

Always, here with you.


 -Dedicated to my Trevor

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary by exploring Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. We kicked off the trip with seeing a performance of the Love Beatles show and then headed east to get in touch with our inner John Muir. We experienced the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Mesa Verde, Glenwood Springs cavern, a ghost tour at the haunted Stanley Hotel where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining, the Denver Zombie Crawl, Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon and Meteor Crater. It was our first road trip. Our first of what will hopefully be many.


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