I don't really have a more eloquent way of describing this next post, except that I loved this wedding so hard. First, I got to second shoot for the vibrant David Sno. This past wedding season he has been my co-pilot and it was such a joy to be his Chewie for a change. And then, there are cutie pies Madeline and Ryan, the ultimate examples of happiness and love. These two had the biggest smiles on their faces the whole time, it was infectious. All the charming and sweet details were crafted by the couple themselves. Nothing like a DIY wedding to infuse the personality of the couple and make them shine.

They really are the sweetest. Madeline even took the time out to send me a text during her honeymoon road trip to say thanks and to wish me and my husband an amazing time while we were on our 10th anniversary road trip! Its the little things...

Thanks again to David for letting me tag along. Congrats to Madeline and Ryan!