I've looked at these photos a lot. Through the editing process, through the uploading of the online gallery, through the making of the custom USB drive, through the ordering of the prints and finally through the blogging process. And through all of that, they still manage to make me smile every time.  Eunice and Ibeth's family has to be one of the cutest I did ever see. Kit, their son, who had just turned one at the time was such an adorable delight. He is lucky to have such wonderful and loving mamas and let's not forget his furry companions, Sigmund and Moog. Seriously can't get over how adorable this whole family is. I even fell in love with their home. How adorable is Kit's room? LOVE. I am so happy that they chose to document this momentous time in their lives. Thank you to Susan Sabo for sending them my way and a huge thanks to my assistant, Stephanie.