Wini's 4th birthday weekend started with her baking and decorating cupcakes with her papa. We celebrated the next day at her school with her adorable classmates and sweet teachers. Then, we were off for  a night's stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Once we checked in we gave Win her present from us. I love that I was able to capture the moment when she first realized what it was. She's been wanting this Sago Mini Jack's Diner playset for forever now. For the rest of the time, we had so much fun splashing, sliding and bowling.

The final birthday event was spent at Boomers with a few friends and family. Mini golf, pizza, ladybug cake, arcade and go karts galore! Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts and spending time with our babe. She is, at this moment, happily playing with her gifts still as I write this.

I will cherish these early days forever. Thank you little Pea for shining your warm, beautiful and radiant light in to our lives for these past 4 years.