Our original plans for this photo shoot were pretty much a bust.  Old Town, San Diego is a special place for Lisa and Chris.  Naturally, they wanted to take photos there, but everyone and their mom decided it was the place to be on that warm Sunday.  After trying to find parking for 30 minutes they texted me to go to Plan B. B for Balboa Park.  
This was my first time to Balboa Park, San Diego.  It was busy there too, but the area is huge and we managed to find un-populated areas.  Walking around I instantly felt inspired.  So many lovely museums and beautiful architecture.  I definitely want to come back here just to visit or for another photo shoot.
Of course, even here it didn't start out as planned.  The Japanese garden didn't allow photography, the other garden they liked had no flowers in bloom and found out their favorite little Mexican restaurant had closed it's doors.  :(  
In spite of all this, Lisa and Chris never got the least bit discouraged. In fact, we took our bad luck and kicked it in it's arse and made our own good luck.  Throughout the whole shoot I could see their love for each other shine.  They were never nervous and always knew what to do.  I think it's because they weren't trying to do anything, but just be.  Be in love.  Plan Be.
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