Some photos don't initially make it to the blog. Doesn't mean they are any less special. There are just too many lovely moments during a wedding I wish I could share them all.

I came across this one again after, Cynthia, the bride from this wedding posted her photos on FB. Brandon's grandmother was unable to pose where we shot the formals due to her wheelchair. So, I made it a point in my mind to make sure to get a shot of them later together sometime during the busy day.

As I shot a series of photos she did not once stop gushing about how amazing her grandson is. I could see how proud she was of him and how happy she was to be there on their special day.

A wedding is so much more than the flowers, the cake or what name brand dress the bride is wearing. Don't get me wrong I enjoy capturing all those details, but to me the most important is what can't be bought or ever replaced.

This post is dedicated to my Lola (filipino for grandmother), who despite was using a walker, insisted on walking me down the aisle. She has since passed away and I am forever grateful to my photographer, Jim Stephens, for capturing this moment on film.