Besides weddings, I love to shoot events such as concerts. It's a beautiful thing to witness an artist pour their heart and soul on a stage. This was my first time seeing and photographing a burlesque show live. I was blown away by the creativity and fun all the performers exuded. Sure you can initially be drawn in to the fact that these are beautiful women (and 1 boy) taking their clothes off, but to me burlesque means so much more. I saw incredibly confident women of all shapes, creeds and color strutting their stuff all while cleverly entertaining and captivating the audience. That's what burlesque means to me.

Of course, we all wouldn't have been here if it weren't for photographer Brian C. Janes. He embarked on a journey a few years ago traveling the country to capture the most talented burlesque beauties in their homes for his book It's All That Glitters. All this hard work culminated in to this photo gallery, live show and book signing extravaganza. It was the most fun I had attending a show in awhile. To learn more about this event and to see more photos, please visit Brian's account here.

The Hostess with the mostess, Ms Pixy

Cha Cha Velour

Ms. Lili VonSchtupp

Sue Nami Sake

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins

Lola Getz

Natasha Minsk

Paco Fish

Penny Starr, Jr.

Coco Lectric

Venus DeMille

Charlotte Treuse

The man of the hour, Brian C. Janes, takes a bow