At 9:20 AM I sent Jeff a text saying that I was in place and ready to shoot. I felt all covert and stuff trying to look nonchalant in the barely-there bushes with my big 'ol lens to the side of the bluff. I am sure I didn't look suspicious at all. My heart raced as I saw them ride to the spot Jeff showed me 4 weeks earlier during our first initial plotting. Then, it was happening, he got down on one knee. I couldn't hear what was happening as I was shooting from afar to give them their moment alone, but I could tell by her reaction that it was a YES!!! Some people biking along the PCH cheered and then I cheered and they hugged and hugged. It was so amazing to be a part of this amazing moment in the lives of two people so very in love.

This is a bluff that Jeff and Nichole come to often to watch the sunrise or sunset as it looks over the PCH. The days beforehand it was raining, but there was no rain in sight. He couldn't have picked a better time or place, nor could he have picked a better person to have spend the rest of his life with.

Congrats to the lovely Nichole and Jeff! xo, Rachel